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Monday, 23 March 2015

Benefits of Writing and Historical Life

Civilizations come and learn civilization, of what is written by the past and can be read by the later. Science, both kasbiy (acquired knowledge) or ladunniy (perennial), can not be achieved without reading first in the broadest sense (Quraish Shihab, 95:17).

Quraish Shihab statement above, at least be one of the important reasons why we should write. Easy of access to the knowledge gained in the past by reading the writings of his day. In other words, if we want to facilitate access to knowledge grandchildren in the present, write. If you want, name and our existence historically, write.

In a workshop authorship, Asma Nadia said, that almost all the jobs in the world, if you want to be the best, requires the ability to write. Writing skills will add value to any profession or position you! (Think of a profession that does not require writing?)

Another advantage is writing can change the perspective of people. Even in history, bad writing can make a big change in the world, such as Darwin's thesis that humans came from apes. Or God is dead by Friedrich Nietzsche in Also Sprach Zaratustra a major influence on the anti-God that other philosophers. If the bad writing just a big impact, moreover if we write a good thing.

Polemics through writing will be an impact, each of which can be carefully examined and look for the source of the argument, and tend to be open to input. Reducing the things that are emotional and uncontrolled, also through writing.

Hopefully the opinion of Dr. Pennebaker wrote the following about the benefits, the more convinced us to write: writing can clear the mind, overcoming trauma, help acquire and remember new information, solve problems, and write freely help us when forced to write.

And so do feminist from Morocco, said "try to write every day. Undoubtedly, your skin will be refreshed due to the content of its incredible! ". Happy reading and writing. Hopefully more and be useful for fellow beings. Ameen.

* taken from Paper the Seminar and Workshop Authorship National Language in the Hall MAN Model Makassar, presented on January 15, 2011, organized by the CEC in order Anniversary-5.

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