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Friday, 6 March 2015


Redefinition of the value of beauty, becomes very urgent. As we know, capitalism that sees everything as far as he has a valuable role as a tool to reduce the meaning accumulate Capital- have only limited physical beauty. There is no consideration of aspects of spirituality, with feeling, mind and spirituality.

Scenario capitalism is putting women as one of the means of production. Through the media, imaging directed to dictate women's beauty to be ideal and modern with beauty products offered. With beautiful imagery was white, straight hair, slender, beautiful, automatically women should use products that can generate 'beauty'.

Reduction effect meaning beauty perpetuated by capitalism was very detrimental to women. Women began to identify himself with the stars commercials, soap operas, movies, models. The latter, even packaged by a private TV station in a show titled 'Indonesian Model'. With intensity showtimes almost every day, a very large Indonesian model his part in perpetuating the meaning pretty style capitalism.

Then she began uncomfortable with his own body, not satisfied, because the beautiful image created by capitalism. WOLF noted, discrimination in employment on the basis of criteria gorgeous. In the job ad, we'll easily find the terms "face or attractive appearance". Not to mention the necessity wearing short skirts in certain workplaces. (Kompas, 14 oct 2002).

"So, what to do?", The question of a friend pessimistic. Julia Suryakusuma say that we can not abolish capitalism which now becomes the only ideology that proved to survive. However, we can be critical of the ideology, and the image of beauty 'ideal' which has always been and will continue to be propagandized.

Yes, many ways to be pretty true. Continue to recognize the potential of self, develop and share them with others. Personal Selling - tell others that I am capable of and mastering. Maybe we should consider a slogan of one of the female radio in Yogyakarta, "Show me the image of women with personality, not just appearance". Once again concerned about the physical is unfair. How come, because there was never a consensus between God and man on a person's physical.

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