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Friday, 6 March 2015


Anti-smoking issues that brought on behalf of health discourse, lead people to justify unconditionally. Assuming,  health is something that can not be bargained and very valuable for everyone.

It's just that the concept of good and bad, black and white for a cigarette eventually be pursued solely as a health problem or issue that is absolute and close the debate and exploration of space tobacco issues (: cigarettes). Without analysis of the economic-political dimension, social and cultural, unilateral anti-smoking movement puts the smokers such as subjects with almost no value either. At a minimum, they been suggested middle face to face with the women and the family as an entity that is the subject-victim of the biggest anti-thesis of the potential dangers of smoking. (Okta Pinanjaya and Waskito Giri, 2012)

DR.Hi.MS.Kaban, SE.M.Si in the preface of the book Deception Global Capitalist, molester Cigarette Vendor Pharmaceutical Industry with the US, wrote that while on the one hand is often said that the entity tobacco carcinogen-containing compounds as a cause of cancer disease; but on the other hand tobacco also known to have the potential for protein content it could prevent a variety of diseases, including cancer.

Divine cigarettes

MS. Kaban corroborate with some examples, namely Dr.Arief B. Witarto, M.Eng, researchers from the Center for Biotechnology Research Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), has recently succeeded in using tobacco as a tool to produce proteins Growth Colony Stimulating Factor (GCSF) . An important hormone in stimulating the production of blood that could stimulate stem cell proliferation (stem cells) to restore tissue function of the body that have been damaged (Reuters, 24 July 2008).

Dr.Arief, previously also worked with researchers Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology of Germany, using transgenic tobacco they are capable of producing three major proteins, namely human serum albumin (HSA) for the treatment of liver cirrhosis and burns, human interferon-alpha (IFN-a2) as an antiviral that is widely used for the treatment of HIV / AIDS and hepatitis, as well as the M12 antibody to recognize antigen MUC-1 that is widely available on the surface of cancer cells. So such as breast cancer and liver cancer can be diagnosed more accurately and appropriately killed. (Tempo, March 15, 2005).

The method of smoking even become a very important part of therapy by Dr. Gretha Zahar, a nuclear scientist who manages clinical science in several cities and Institutions Decay Free Radicals in Malang, East Java. Cigarettes were named Divine klobot or Divine Tingwe (if tobacco-rolled dewe, which means rolled Java language itself) contains amino acids, processed such that the net from free radicals, and produces particles that are much smaller.

"By using nano mold on the filter Divine, the electron density increases, so that the mercury content in tobacco will be ready to release electrons. And when the mercury loses one electron, it is no longer mercury. He is a gold particle or aurum, rather artificial aurum. I remember an article about aurum particles, the size of the nano, it has long been recognized as an effective nanomaterial kill cancer cells without damaging other cells ", said Dr. Gretha.

This explanation is shared by Dr.Gretha research partner, Professor Dr. Sutiman Bambang Sumitro, a microbiologist from the University of Brawijaya, Malang. "Tobacco smoking is not harmful to the previous generation, should also not present generation. It's dangerous free radicals, and free radicals exist everywhere. "(Sky

In America, the issue of the hazards of tobacco are often campaigned for anti-smoking movement, met harsh criticism from some quarters. Robert A. Levy and Rosalind B. Marimont in the article entitled, "Lies, Damned Lies & Smoking-Relating 400,000 Deaths" (Regulation, vol.21 N0.4, 1998) revealed that the truth is the first casualty in the war against tobacco. Statement 400,000 premature deaths each year in the US due to smoking is a big lie. It is just a mantra to justify all regulatory actions and tobacco legislation.

Several research and scientific study published in the British Journal of Cancer (2002), as quoted Gabriel Mahal in the book Nicotine War Wanda Hamilton's work, proving the absence of a relationship between smoking and breast cancer risk. The results of another study, known as the "Rolls Royce of Studies" (Journal of Critical Epidemiology 42, n0.8, 1989) explains the absence of a relationship between smoking and heart disease.

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