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Monday, 9 March 2015


Dayaks in central Kalimantan is divided into several parts, such as Manyan, Ot Danum and Ngaju. Dayak Ngaju inhabit areas along the lower reaches of the Kapuas River, Rungan Manuhing, Barito and Katingan. Dayak Ot Danum inhabit areas along the upper reaches of major rivers Kahayan, Rungan, Barito, Kapuas and Mahakam around long pahangei inland. Whereas Ma'anyan scattered throughout the district Barito south.

In general, Dayak and nature is friendly, and the forging of nature unpredictable, forming a character vigilant, not be able to pretend it is. The stranger, the Dayak not just believe. However, if believe has grown, they will very friendly and open.

In life, being the mamut, menteng, ureh, mameh, almost; maintain good relations with others, rather succumb and dodge, not attack if not attacked, but when patience has run out, self-esteem has been trampled to death is no longer a problem and physical attacks will be dealt with formally.

Dayak people do not easily accept new things, before actually believe. For them, good is good and not to know the goodness masked. Diplomatic offensive is not considered as an enemy, a new consciousness arises when the impact goodness masked appear directly in front of them.

Dayak languages, especially Ngaju as the lingua franca not know the vocabulary expression of "thank you". Gratitude is expressed in attitudes and behavior, as well as a deep respect. All the good that they have received will be stored neatly in the bottom of their hearts. Even in every opportunity, they will tell to hereditary.
Any Ancestral culture, should choose extraordinary'agent'  for him to continue to hold. More humane, if we as children of time who volunteered as 'agents'.

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