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Tuesday, 3 March 2015


In our society today, developing the assumption  that the human ability is divided into two: smart / clever and stupid. Someone who is smart is that many capabilities .whereas, if one does not master one thing, considered stupid.,

1905 Alfred Binet and his colleagues created the first intelligence test and provide to the public opinion that intelligence can be measured objectively and is expressed in a number of IQ scores.
In 1963, Prof. Samuel Kirk from the University of Illinois Chicago USA. Samuel Kirk founded The Association for Children with Learning Disabilities. Samuel Kirk developed the concept that a child must be found weaknesses, and labeled: LD, ADD, and ADHD.
In 1983, Howard Gardner of Harvard University psychologist questioned about the meaning of "intelligence" and the validity of IQ tests, and labeling of Learning Disability.

It turns out that every human being has a lot of intelligence tendency, not only limited to one or two intelligence alone. Every human being has the potential for intelligent language (Linguistic), intelligent numbers (Logic-Mathematics), intelligent image (Visual-Spatial), intelligent motion (Kinesthetic), intelligent associate (Interpersonal), intelligent themselves (intrapersonal), intelligent music (Musical) and intelligent nature (Naturalis).

Each tendency is becoming a potential intelligence of human talent. Recent studies say that the intelligence of a human being can be known from the human habit. Habits are behaviors that are repeated. The habit comes from two things, namely how humans are accustomed creative (creating new products that have cultural value) and how humans were accustomed to resolve the problem himself (problem solver).
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